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Live journal is supposed to be about writing -- I think. But I seem to come here only when I'm not writing, as when I'm writing the writing takes up all of my spare time.

At present, however, writing is tricky (because the eyes are still recovering after the operation) and the current story is stuck (in a hedge somewhere on the Lleyn Peninsula -- I will dig them out eventually) so I'm passing through Livejournal, pondering how many people have moved on/ are moving on to new online journals, and wondering how best to keep up with everyone.

Or perhaps I should simply head out into the sunshine tomorrow, sunglasses on nose (the post-operation eyes need sunglasses) and sunhat on head, to enjoy the last of the summer sun while I can. A little dozing in the sun may give me some ideas to finish that stuck story.

About ten years late ...

... I have finished book six of A Sword, a Star, a Flame. Ten years ago La marquise de was interested in reading it (having enjoyed the previous five volumes), but half way through book six a disaster struck and I never finished typing it up. It's now finished.
I'll do a final read through and put it on Amazon kindle. (If anyone reading this wants a free copy, let me know).
One of the sticking points in book six was whether or not to allow one of the key characters (Brother Jan) to get himself ordained. As he became a demon (or terrestrial angel?) in book four, the obvious answer was 'no', but this character is persistent. Anyway, a solution has been found and the story has come to a reasonable conclusion.
I'm glad to have the story off my conscience -- I hate leaving characters in limbo -- but now feeling slightly loose-endish. When a set of characters has been around so long, it's hard to wave goodbye. However, it's not farewell, because they have ideas for book 7.
The prompt for getting book six finished was a severe work situation. I needed something to distract me from the alternative: jumping out of my fifth-floor window. I need a new job (as La marquise de knows, I've needed one for some time), but as my eyesight is failing it's not so easy to move.

Water punk?

A thought occurred to me today. If futuristic fantasy set in the 19th century (ish) is 'steam punk' snd similar set in the 1920s and 1930s is 'diesel punk', then what is the same set in a 'medieval' world? 'Wind-and-water punk'?

Happy Birthday Saare Snowqueen!

LiveJournal tells me that you have a birthday today ...


My chief reader said she really enjoyed this very short story, so I put it on Kindle Amazon. Perhaps no one else will ever read it (although I've set up a free offer to encourage passers-by), but I had fun writing it. (Yes, these are the Watchers from The Book of Enoch. Couldn't resist the idea of giving them their own stories.) As usual, the idea came from a throwaway comment by a colleague: 'Of course, Saladin broke up the Library at Cairo.' Did he? Did he really? The most recent academic article on the subject reckons that he didn't -- but also gave me the idea for another 'Watchers' episode.


Since I was last on Live Journal:

I've moved house. I can now sit at my computer without falling over a pile of books or the furniture. Yes, we have more space. We are still living in the Land of Song, but a bit closer to the border. The views are better from here. Apparently the area is known locally as 'the Little Alps'. It's an appropriate name.
There is a lot to get straight, as always after a move. Things are slightly held up because my son still has the stepladder following his own house move back in January. He borrowed it so that he could decorate his new house. He's now using it in his new garden, while he cuts the shrubs. He never did any gardening before he had his own house, but the Gardening Gene will out.
Shock, horror -- it looks as if we will have to buy a new stepladder, as it doesn't look as if the family one is coming back across the River anytime soon.
Meanwhile i have been writing a book for my day job -- which is too long and will need negotiations with the publisher; and I'm doing some writing for myself and friends, which will end up on Kindle eventually. I've been having fun designing covers: a basic template (The Chessboard of Existence) with a different image on each one. Like this:
Watchers cover larger 6.jpg

Before this falls over ...

... apologies to everyone whose birthdays I've missed. I hope you had a lovely day.

Trying to post on Live Journal

My laptop does not like Live Journal. Sometimes I persuade Firefox to log in -- Internet Explorer never. My phone claims to like Live Journal, but it 'corrects' my spelling, with embarrassing results. Perhaps I should post this quickly, before something else falls over!

Happy birthday la Marquise d'!

From one of your more elusive friends.

Rush, rush rush ...

There are too many things to do! And these short winter days are too short -- and I seem to be half asleep most of the time, so I'm working all the time and get hardly anything done. At least, that's how it seems. Belated New Year wishes.